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Number Theory AJ

Paper OutlineNumber TheoryAn introduction explaining why the topic is important.Define the research topic. Refer to at least one source.Source:Definition:Tell what is already known about it.Preview how your research is going to help the audience learn more about it. (What applications are you going to talk about?)History: A review of the research literature that the student has found about this topic.*This should be broken into several paragraphs and be several pages long.Use your sources to summarize the history of the topic.  Provide information on the origination, impact, and any variations or special cases created to investigate further.Prior research on the topic. (At least 4 sources used here.)i.  Describe and summarize findings.ii.  Consider including similarities and differences between studies.Sources used:An explanation of your research project.*This should be broken into several paragraphs and be several pages long.Define any termsTerms with sources used:Explain the actual equation/theorem/proof-i.  Mathematicallyii.  Visually- Are there ways to illustrate this idea to your audience using everyday scenarios? Are there charts/images/graphics you would like to include?Are there theorems within this topic that need to be explained?Are there different forms of the equation/theorem/proof that you can explain?Applications of equation/theorem/proof (Include at least 2 applications)i.  Examples of how to use it. Provide lots of details.Application 1:Source:Application 2:Source:Any conclusions or results from your research.Usefulness-how has this contributed to mathematics?A list of references you used. *Remember to cite using NEW APA 7.

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