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Discussion Board 1 The Purpose of a Christian Liberal Arts Education

Topic: The Purpose of a Christian Liberal Arts EducationRead the following article about the purpose of a liberal arts education and a Christian liberal arts education in particular:http://www.virtualsalt.com/libarted.htmThe  article makes several points about the ability to think clearly and  effectively. This is sometimes called critical thinking. Here is a  definition of critical thinking:Critical thinking  is the process of evaluating information to reach logical conclusions  and to guide decision making. This information can be gained through  observation, reflection, or research.Once you have read the article, answer the following questions in a new thread:1.  The author makes 7 major points (each with its own Roman numeral) and  several other points that support these major points. Select 1–2 of the  author’s ideas that seem most important to you and write about how these  ideas affect your life both now and in the future. If you allow  yourself to be weak in 1 or more of these areas, how will that affect  you? (200-word minimum)2. How can a student at  Liberty University be a willing participant in the development of the  skills and abilities described in this article in his/her own life? (100-word minimum)

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