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Overview of IS Audits

Your project lead has asked you to determine if PVSS has ever conducted an audit. After further investigation of the situation, you determine that this will be the first review that PVSS has conducted or to which it has been subjected. Your project lead has asked you to summarize your review and next steps.In a 4-5-page TECH MEMO [format included here in the School of Information Technology LibGuide] addressed to your project lead, complete the following:Explain what steps you will need to develop and establish to facilitate a successful audit.List and describe the steps and tasks required to implement an audit program.In addition, describe the audit class(es) that would be applicable to your contracted audit.Describe which information systems would be considered part of the scope for the audit.Cover page and reference page are not included in page count. Document formatting, citations, and references must follow APA format. TheAIU APA Guideincludes sections for paper formatting, as well as reference and citation examples. For example, 250 words equals one page of content.

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