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Topic: Economics of the restaurant or hospitality industryPlease write a concise summary for article 1 and article 2 with each 250 word limitFormat of the summary should be like as below1. Cite the article using APA style including in site text citations2. write a concise summary for article 1 and article 2 with each 250 word limit by covering the below pointssummarize the information provided3. Possible shortcomings or biases of the work4. What you found more interesting in this workArticle 1: Key Threats to Economic Security of Hotel and Restaurant EnterprisesPublished in: Bìznes Inform,2021,Directory of Open Access JournalsBy: Voroniuk Ievgeniia V.Article 2: COVID-19 Crisis Management on the Example of Hospitality Industry Enterprise in LatviaPublished in: Problemi Ekonomiki,2022,Directory of Open Access JournalsBy: Koryuhina Catherine;Shamshina Tatyana;Riashchenko Viktoriia;Gryshova Inna Yu.

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