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Lab 2 : Quality and Decision Making

Kelson Sporting Equipment, Inc., makes two different types of baseball gloves: a regular model and a catcher’s model. The firm has 900 hours of production time available in its cutting and sewing department, 300 hours available in its finishing department, and 100 hours available in its packaging and shipping department. The production time requirements and the profit contribution per glove are given in the following table:((For full details open Lab 2 question file and check the ETECH 899 Sample Report document for the expected answer file format))The company is interested in maximizing the total profit contribution.List of tasks (use this list for writing your report) to be completed for this problem:1. Define the linear programming problem to be solved in your own words.2. Develop a mathematical model to represent the problem.3. Find the optimal solution using the graphical solution procedure using the Desmos graphing calculator atwww.desmos.com (Links to an external site.)by providing a screen capture of the graph.(a tutorial for Desmos graphing calculator is given atProvide the link of the graph giving the optimal solution.Develop a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to solve the problem. Include the normal view and the formula view of the Excel spreadsheet in your report by capturing the screen.Run the Excel’s Solver tool to determine the optimum solution while capturing parts of the screen to explain your entire process and the results.How many hours of production time will be scheduled in each department?What is the slack time in each department?Are any of the constraints redundant? If so, which ones?Upload an Excel spreadsheet file.

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