8pg- HR Case Study

Chern’s would also like to reinforce its employer brand among potential applicants. Ryan and Ann would like to create a stronger employer brand, and ask us for advice on what the company’s employer brand should be and how to effectively and consistently market and reinforce it throughout the staffing process.Assignment Response, provide a written response to the following:Based in the readings from Mosley (2014) and the information learned about Chern’s over the duration of the course, provide your employer brand management recommendations to our team using the bullets as a guide. Be sure to adequately explain/support why your approach would be effective for Chern’s.· The Context of Employer Brand Management at Chern’so Brand Ideologyo Brand Strategyo The Perfect Employee· Target Labor Demographic Considerationso Talent Segmentationo Talent Attractiono Talent Retention· The Employee Value Proposition· Managing the Brand Experience internal versus external· Employer Brand Metrics· Justifications why this approach would be effectiveWritten RequirementsYour responses to assignments should be:· submitted using MS word· formatted in APA writing styleo title page, body, reference pageo double spacedo one-inch margins all aroundo use third person (recommendations include)o donotuse first person (I recommend or I think)o essay questions or calculations should beaddressed separately and should include separate headingso use tables if appropriate for calculationso text should be Times New Roman, black, 12-point font8 pages required for assignment 4  (Case Study & past assignments attached)

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