A letter of Recommendation – Gerald Obrien

Readings due— Chapter 7 (Chapter 10 in full text)

HW due—Final Draft Email Message—write a properly formatted and properly organized

email message to me about anything you want to talk about. Include an appropriate

and effective subject line, a greeting or salutation, a message in direct opening format,

a body that explains your point in logical order, a conclusion with some kind of action

information, and a closing thought and signature.

HW due—1stDraft Positive or Negative letter—need 2 copies! Write a properly formatted

and organized Positive Message (from Chapter 8), or Negative Message (from Chapter

9). You can choose any type and organization of a letter listed in Chapter 8 or 9, and

you must have a correct heading, recipient address, salutation, Introductory

paragraph, body paragraph(s), concluding paragraph, and proper close of the letter.

Make sure your letter is organized, cohesive, and properly formatted.

HW due—1stDraft Persuasive memo—need 2 copies! Write a properly formatted and

organized Persuasive Memo. You need to have a correct memo heading with initials next

to your name, well-organized introductory paragraph with a summary, body paragraphs

or itemized information using numbers, letters, or bullets, and concluding paragraph

with the final persuasive push. Make sure the persuasive aspect of the memo is clear—

persuasion should be in the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, which should

have some kind of action information or a persuasive closing thought.

HW due—4.3 p. 146—use info on p. 135-137 to answer questions

HW due—5.8 p.172—use info on p. 165-168 to answer questions

HW due—Aplia assignments: 1) Review of Simple Sentences, 2) Commas, and

3) Apostrophes

Peer-edit 1stdraft Positive or Negative letter

Peer-edit 1stdraft letter or memo

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