Which account below is not a subdivision of owner’s equity?

In recording business transactions, evidence that an accounting transaction has taken place is obtained from

Multiple Choice Question 47

The normal balance of any account is the

Multiple Choice Question 130

A numbering system for a chart of accounts

Multiple Choice Question 141

Which of the following rules is incorrect?

Multiple Choice Question 85

The assumption that the unit of measure remains sufficiently constant over time is part of the

Multiple Choice Question 78

Which of the following is not an advantage of the corporate form of business organization?

John and Sam met at law school and decide to start a small law practice after graduation. They agree to split revenues and expenses evenly. The most common form of business organization for a business such as this would be a

Multiple Choice Question 76

A business organized as a corporation

Multiple Choice Question 83

Ted Leo is the proprietor (owner) of Ted’s, a retailer of golf apparel. When recording the financial transactions of Ted’s, Ted does not record an entry for a car he purchased for personal use. Ted took out a personal loan to pay for the car. What accounting concept guides Ted’s behavior in this situation?

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