ACCT 301 SEC Company

ACCT 301 – Weekly Activities including – -Use Snip It Tool or other Technology to copy and paste your results when necessary (related to your SEC 10-K company)

The company I have chosen for my SEC 10-K project is Costco.

Please see link below.

Week 3:

Your SEC Company Balance Sheet presents information for two or more accounting cycles.Focus on the most recent two years, and first on the Current Assets, and Non-Current Assets.What is the difference between Current and Non-Current Assets, and why is it important to distinguish between the two. Refer to Chapter 5 for assistance.Write a paragraph describing Current Assets, Non-Current assets. Determine if the value changed from year to year.Were there significant changes? What were they?

For each of the following topics, when comparing the last two Balance Sheet years, write a definition and explain if an increase is good or a problem.

  • What is included in Cash and Near Cash / Cash Equivalents? What is a cash equivalent?
  • Did Accounts Receivable increase or decrease?
  • Did inventory increase or decrease?

Write a brief report on your activities this week as a Word document and upload it to this week’s Homework assignment folder.

If you’re not sure what to write, here are some things to consider:

  • What resources did you find most/least helpful this week?
  • What topic(s) gave you trouble this week (if any)?
  • What topic(s) do you feel you were able to grasp?
  • How might you change your time management or study habits?
  • Comment on the value of the activities you completed this week

These are just examples of things you could write about, but feel free to write anything you want. There are no right or wrong answers to this weekly homework report assignment.

Remember all submissions and postings in our class must be in your own words. Deliverables are to be single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. We are writing business reports. Comments you create in this submission, serve, effectively, as a business report on the week.

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