ACCT6273 Final Exam 1.docx

Please do not bid if you do not feel that you are able to make at least an 80% within the time limit. Please look over the EXAM thoroughly before bidding. Rating and feedback will be based off of quality of work. I will need the exam back in exactly 150 minutes from the time that your bid is accepted. This will give me time to look it over before I submit the final version.

Final Exam

Please read these rules first!

  • You are expected to complete the exam in 150 minutes. You will be given an additional 30 minutes to download and upload the exam.
  • Once you start, you can temporarily stop and then continue, but the clock will NOT stop running.
  • The exam will be presented in a Microsoft Word document format. Please be sure to make all necessary accommodations to allow access to this type of document.
  • Below each question, there will be an area for your answer. Where calculations are involved, show all of your work, including formulas where they were used.
  • If you prefer to do some of your work in Excel, you must import (copy and paste special (value)) the work to the Final Exam document which is in Word. Where calculations are involved, you must show all of your work, including formulas in the Word document. You must submit the Word Document.
  • Before you begin, have your working tools easily accessible.

Final Exam Preparation Hints.doc

Quiz 1 Answers.docx

Quiz 2 Answers.docx

Deluxe Linens.pptx

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