AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and ECONomy, history homework help

attached is a file that has the asssingment that you need to complete for the course called “american gov and econ”. It is asimple highschol course and i need someone who is really good at american gov and econ…..they need to answer every assingment so i get a 100 on the whole thing. Also, the words might seema bit cut off at the end of the right hand side, so u have to change it to “web layout” that is located on the bottom right corner of the word doc. Also, the tutor MUST NOT compromise on quality and quanity at all. The dealine may be discussed and delayed a little bit, but if the quality is bad or the quantity is low, I am not gonna accept it. ALSO MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOU WIRTE AN ESSAY OR JUST ASINGLE PPARAGRAPH, EAHC PARAGRAPH MUST BE ATLEAST 5-7 SENTENCES LONG. THIS IS A MANDATORY THING, IF IT IS NOT 5-7 SNETENCES LONG THEN I WILL NOT ACCEPT. AGAIN THE DEALINE CAN BE DISCUSSED.

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