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This course continues to focus on evidenced-based theory and research related to acute illnesses in the adult-gerontological population in the acute care setting. Learners build on prior knowledge and synthesize data from a variety of health resources related to the care of the acutely ill patient. Utilizing a systems framework, learners further develop clinical judgment and decision-making skills in order to recommend treatments for alterations in different systems as they develop an evidence-based plan of care. Clinical practice affords learners the opportunity to refine their clinical decision-making skills in advanced health assessment, clinical diagnosis, procedural skill acquisition, and care management of acute and chronically ill adult-gerontological patients. Practicum experiences emphasize the physiological and psychosocial impact of acute and critical illness on patients, family, and community.Reflect on the course objectives, clinical practice guidelines, the three to five clinical objectives, and your plan to incorporate clinical practice guidelines for your clinical experienceIn 500 words, summarize the objectives you met during your clinical experience and discuss your incorporation of the course objectives and clinical practice guidelines. Provide specific examples to justify and illustrate your experiences.This is a Nurse Practitioner Class and clinical experience in the Intensive care unit in the Unites StatesPlease answer all part of the question in sub topicsMinimum of two peer review reference in 7th edition apa style

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