Application letter describing your leadership style

Think about a job or position you would like now or in the future were you will be in a leadership position. This does not mean that you have a formal leader title (e.g., supervisor, manager, director). It means that you will be in position where you have responsibility for making decisions and influencing others.

  • Write a letter to the person responsible for the hiring decision, describing your leadership style and why it is advantageous for this positon and/or organization. You may want to compare and contrast your style with another less effective style.
    • Remember, your rationale must be supported by the readings. You can (and should) incorporate academic sources beyond the assigned readings to support your perspective/rationale/argument.


For an overview of leadership theories review the information at mindtools leadership theories:…

For more specific information on transformational leadership review the information at:…

To begin to see how the leadership theories have a relationship with the topic of women and leadership, read these articles/chapters. It is recommended that you read these after the general leadership orientation through the above websites. Also, the Ayman and Korabik (2010) article should be read with the goal of understanding the importance of gender and culture in the leadership discussion. There are additional research details that you may find interesting, but you can also skim.

K&R, Chapter 2, The Great Women Theory of Leadership? Perils and Positive Stereotypes and Precarious Pedestals, pages 93-126.

Ayman and Korabik (2010) Leadership: Why Gender and Culture Matter, American Psychologist, 65(3), 157-170.


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