Apply a scientific approach to answer questions about the earth and environment

Answer the following questions based on resources such as the CIA World Factbook… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or the US Census Bureau International Database… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Please number your answers. Use no more than 2 pages.

1a. Both China and Japan are industrialized countries where population is decreasing – but for different reasons. Discuss the societal and/or governmental issues that influence the population patterns for these countries. Give 2 issues for each country.

1b. Based on population data available 50 years ago, would a demographer have been able to make accurate predictions for the current Chinese and Japanese populations? Why or why not? [To help answer this question, review these countries’ population pyramids on the worksheet.]

2. What societal and/or health issues are influencing the population patterns for Kenya and the United States? Describe 2 issues for each country.

3. Summarize the 4 stages of the demographic transition in your own words. What do demographers think caused the initial drop in death rate? Why does a drop in fertility often follow? Will these conditions always apply – that is, is “development the best contraceptive”?

4. List at least 2 services a government needs to implement for the benefit of its people

a) In a country with a rapidly growing population

b) In a country with slow population growth and an aging population

I have attached the grading rubric and the worksheet.

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