Skills of earlychild hood Class

Discussion Question #1:

Which of the three forms of bullying do you feel is most hurtful to children, and what can teachers do to prevent bullying in the early childhood learning environment?

Discussion Question #2:

What is the greatest challenge to conflict resolution in the early childhood classroom, and what steps can be taken by the teacher to teach children to positive resolve conflicts?

Critical Thinking Class

Discussion Question:

Explain the guidelines for thinking critically about an argument from analogy and how they improve the argument.

Business Ethics Class

Discussion Question:

Part 1. Should a short-term or long-term consequence make a difference in resolving an ethical dilemma? Discuss. 

Part 2. Of the four commonly held rationalizations for unethical behavior proposed by Saul Gellerman, which one do you thing gets used most often? Why?

Intro Bio Class

Discussion Question:

What do you find to be the most significant difference between plant and animal cells? When contrasting, pay particular attention to those components and functions that are clear identifiers of each type.

MGT Comm Class

Discussion Question #1:

React to the statement, “Most attempts to improve management communication are really attempts to improve manipulation of employees.”

DQ1 CLO –2
DQ1 UMBO –2, 4

Discussion Question #2:

Why is the circle used as the basis for the model of strategic managerial communication? What is meant by communicating “to” someone as opposed to communicating “with” someone?

DQ2 CLO –1
DQ2 UMBO –2, 4

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