astronomy homeworks ( Astronomy of the Universe AST 101) !!

Textbook: Cosmic Perspective 8th Edition: Bennett et alCH 5Answer the following four questions. You must use relevant information to justify your answer to receive full credit. You may use any reference source you like, including working in groups. Make sure that the work you turn in is in your own words.1) Describe how the molecules in a gas produce an emission spectrum. How is this useful in astronomy if we assume that the laws of physics are the same everywhere?2) Why was the uniform expansion model adopted? How does this lead to a necessary differentiation between classical and cosmological redshift?3) Why does the Big Bang Theory imply that there should be background radiation coming toward us from all directions?4) Explain the significance of finding quasars in all directions but none of them are nearby. Use the assumption that these objects are forming galaxies.

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