Atlantic Cape Nutrition and Carbohydrate Intake Diet Analysis Project

Diet Analysis Project:

Write down all the foods you ate for two days.  Use, or any other credible app/ website you have access to, and analyze your food intake.  Analyze each food item with quantity, add totals for the meal and week, and synthesize the results into the narrative of your paper. Show your work in a table within the text of your paper. 

Make sure you submit the assignment in APA format with cover page and reference page, along with introduction, conclusion. APA format help is-…

Answer the following questions after completing your analysis.

1.  What is your recommended intake for Protein, Carbohydrate and Carbohydrate?

2.  How did your average two day intake analysis compare with your recommended intake?

3.  What changes would you make to your daily eating habits after reviewing your diet analysis and recommended allowances? 

– Im 66 inches and 175lbs- dob:4/19/96

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