Attracting Investors

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Use this source for this assignment: Small Business for the 21st Century (2014). Washington, D.C.: The Saylor Foundation

Attracting Investors and Gaining Finance for a Business

The authors of your textbook states the following:

Basically, there are two main reasons for developing a comprehensive business plan: (1) a plan will be

extraordinarily useful in ensuring the successful operation of your business; and (2) if one is seeking to secure

external funds from banks, venture capitalists, or other investors, it is essential that you be able to demonstrate

to them that they will be recovering their money and making a profit. (Small Business for the 21st Century, 2014, 5.2, para. 4)

Attracting investors to your business idea is a critical step. For this discussion topic, please explain how you would attract investors and gain financing for your business. Include citations from current, relevant sources of information to support your choices and explanations.

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