Bio Assessment

Biopsychosocial Assessment and Intervention Planning OutlineMovie CharacterYou will develop a thorough psychosocial assessment of a movie character from the following list: Bennie and Joon, Prince of Tides, As Good as it Gets, What About Bob, A Beautiful Mind, Leaving Las Vegas, Good Will Hunting, Philadelphia.  Of course the information you gather will be limited by your inability to ask questions – feel free to ad lib and embellish for the sake of this assignment.Identifying InformationReason for Referral/Presenting ProblemReferral SourceSummary of the Presenting ProblemImpact of the Presenting ProblemClient and Family Descriptions and FunctioningRelevant HistoryFamily of Origin HistoryRelevant Developmental HistoryFamily of Creation HistoryEducational and Occupational HistoryReligious (Spiritual) DevelopmentSocial RelationshipsDating/Marital/Sexual RelationsMedical/Psychological HealthLegalEnvironmental ConditionsSocial Worker Assessment (see guide below)Intervention Plan

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