Blue Gold Water Wars

Watch the documentary Blue Gold: Water Wars, and answer the following questions:How many liters of water does it take to produce 1 apple in California? ____________In South Africa, water meters run on __________. A house burned down because the ownersand the neighbors couldn’t afford to run the water. As a consequence _____ _________   died.Cochabamba is a city in which country?  _________________Which groups of people were protesting about water privatization? ____________  and ______________Which country has the US established a military base in, allegedly to gain control over a major aquifer. ____________Which former president owns thousands of acres of land in the same region. _______________This region of the world has been described as the Middle _______  of ________.The name of the company ‘kicked out’ of the region was ___________.Name some ways in which water usage in the United States could be reduced:How do you think we should approach the question of water availability on a global scale? Should it be a right? Is putting a price on it the fairest, or only way to distribute it? Give reasons for your answer.

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