BPM and Organisation Strategy, management homework help

Select at least three (3) peered-review journal articles on the frameworks that organisations can use to integrate BPM along with organisational strategy ( I attached 3 articles, but you can search and choose other articles related to the topic) .  The articles need to be recent; post 2010. 

·Compare and contrast the approaches described in each article with regards to a) how organisational strategy is defined and formulated; and b) how BPM, or business process re-engineering, or any other process improvement systems, is integrated with the organisational strategy. The comparisons need to clarify the similarities and differences. 

·Refer to these differences, and explain what would be the practical implications of such differences; i.e. as manager or practitioner, how these differences in approaches and frameworks would mean to you? Hoe these would affect your strategic management or BMP implementation? 

·Finally reflect back on the key issues raised in the articles and the differences you identified and put at 2-4 conclusions that you can make. This is not summary of the papers or paraphrasing the conclusions put in the articles. These are your own conclusions. 

please write the report in the attached report template

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