Brand/Product Assignment I have to chose a brand which i have chosen vans the shoes for this assignment it have to go with the lesson that with in the book


To provide you with the opportunity to apply course concepts and ideas to a specific brand/product. This assignment will also help you to study for your exams by exposing you to the chapter and course material.


In the first week of the semester your first assignment will be to select a brand/product to focus on for the semester. Pick a brand/product that is interesting and relevant to you. Refer to BlackBoard, and the course syllabus for due date and times of all assignments.

After the brand/product is selected, you will focus on that specific brand/product and relate it to all concepts covered in this course. You will keep a running journal of how each chapter of the CB7 textbook materials relate to you as a consumer and/or the brand/product. In some chapters, there will be more to discuss than others. Your job is to study what is covered write how it relates to you and/or your brand/product. It is not necessary to discuss every vocabulary word or concept from each chapter. Rather, I would like you to evaluate how the concepts relate to you and product, current world/marketing events, etc. and write a summary of how and why it is important. If you have illustrations from commercials or advertising to illustrate specific CB concepts or theories, these should be included.

This is an assignment should be done in conjunction with your study. It should be used as a study tool for each exam. As you read, think about, and write about specific concepts from each chapter that will solidify the concepts and you should perform better on each exam. Furthermore, the longer you wait between when you covered the material and when you write your ideas, the more difficult it will be to do a good job. I encourage you to keep up to date on this assignment!


Overall, I am looking for your integration of class concepts to you and your brand/product, and your ability to clearly and effectively communicate your ideas. There is no specific format to follow. However, given the amount of material, I do expect
AT LEAST one full page (12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced)
for each chapter. Make it interesting, organized, and easy to follow. Other than that, I am leaving those details up to you to decide

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