Case 24-Jerry Maguire

Watch clips from “Jerry Maguire” your answers to these questions as a file (DOC) attachment below:1 What are the 2 key goals that are in conflict in this video clip?2 Which does Jerry suggest is more important? Why?3 What would you think of Jerry’s mission statement if you were his boss?Cast:Tom Cruise as Jerry MaguirePlot:Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise (Links to an external site.)) is a glossy 35-year-oldsports agent (Links to an external site.)working for Sports Management International (SMI). After experiencing a life-altering epiphany about his role as a sports agent, he writes amission statement (Links to an external site.)about perceived dishonesty in the sports management business and his desire to work with fewer clients.Scenes in this clip:Jerry describes his jobJerry deals with an injured client and his sonJerry has a breakdownJerry writes and distributes the mission statement

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