Case Scenarios: Grocery, Inc., Presentation

Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, illustrating your responses to questions in each case scenario. Clearly indicate which scenario you are referring to in your presentation. Use the scenario to make one slide 

Grocery, Inc. (Jeff)

At the end of the summer, Jeff had earned enough money for a down payment on a car. He decided to continue working part time during school to earn money for the car payments. Jeff purchased a car from Steve at the local used car lot. Steve did not ask Jeff his age but assumed he had reached the age of majority. Jeff paid the down payment and signed the contract stating that he would make $2000 each month. Six months late, Jeff lost his job and could no longer make payments. Jeff returned the car to Steve and said he wanted to cancel the contract and he wanted his money back. 

What are the the possible outcomes? Explain your answer. 

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