case study 4-5 (chapter 4) related to the Boston Celtics, accounting homework help

Please complete case study 4-5 (chapter 4) related to the Boston Celtics found on page 174 of your text.

Submit your 750 word APA-compliant paper, with a minimum of two references, containing the answers to the case study questions.


a. Comment on Amortization of NBA Franchise and Other Intangible Assets.

b. Would the discontinued operations be included in projecting the future? Comment.

c. The costs and expenses include team costs and expenses. Speculate on the major reason for the increase in this expense between 1996 and 1997.

d. What were the major reasons for the increase in income from continuing operations between 1997 and 1998?

e. Speculate on why distributions declared were higher in 1998 than 1996(Notice that the net income was substantually higher in 1996.)

*********Hello those are the questions from the case study of the income statement (shown in ebook)** The link should take you straight to page. I can give username and password if needed** Thank you!!!!

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