Clark Case Study Reflection

SOS 509: Module 3 Assignment – Clark Case Study ReflectionName:PreparationReview the Clarke case study reading for this module:CASE: Laszio, C., McCabe, K., Ahearn, E., & Ghatge, I. (2014, Feb 7). Clarke: Transformation for Environmental Sustainability. Ivey Publishing. (17 pages)InstructionsDomplete the following:Prompt/Question One: Justify whether Clarke’s approach is an example of incremental or transformational strategy (pick one). (100 words)Insert your response herePrompt/Question Two: What are the forces that favor Clarke changing to its new sustainability business strategy? (100 words)Insert your response herePrompt/Question Three: What are the forces against Clarke changing its new strategy? (100 words)Insert your response herePrompt/Question Four: What change management approaches (SOS 509 – Modules 2 or 3) should Clarke use to align the organization with the new strategy? How might it build internal momentum? (200 words)Insert your response here

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