Client-server Network

The client-server network at Scoops, a chain of ice cream stores, currently depends on one server machine running Windows Server 2008 as its NOS. However, the system was installed five years ago, and the chain is growing. The company’s general manager has heard a lot of good things about Linux operating systems—in particular, a type of Linux called Fedora. He asks you to find out how these two NOSs differ in their file sharing, remote access, and mail service capabilities. Also, he wonders how the two compare in their ease of use, reliability, and support. He remarks that he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time looking after the server, and reminds you that he is not a technical expert. After some research, what can you tell him about the similarities and differences between these two NOSs? Do you advise the Scoops chain to change its server’s NOS to Linux? Why or why not?

Using MS Word only, record your answers in at least page

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