Coca Cola Cash Flow from Operations and Cash Investment

Calculating Cash Flow from Operations and Cash Investment
for Coca-Cola (Easy)
The Coca-Cola Company reported “Net cash provided by operating activities” of $7, 150 million in its 2007 cash flow statement. It also reported interest paid of $405 million and interest income of $236 million. Coke has a 36percent tax rate. What was the company’s cash flow from operations for 2007?

Coca-Cola Company also reported “Net cash used in investing activities” of$6,719 mil- lion in its 2007 cash flow statement. As part of this number, it reported”Purchases of investments” (in interest-bearing securities) of $99 million and “Proceeds from disposal of investments” of $448 million. What cash did it spend on investments in operations? What was Coca-Cola’s free cash flow for 2007?

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