Collaborative Marketing Plan Draft 1 Instructions

Include the following in your Group Discussion Board Forum:

  1. A thread that summarizes your group’s commitment to the project. This must include key criteria such as group expectations for participation by group members as well as a schedule related to member participation. Note that the group project includes individual posts, review and critique of member posts, and, finally, a group consolidation of information for each module/week.
  2. Before proceeding with the marketing plan, obtain approval from the course instructor for your new product, provide a short description of the product you have in mind, and the company that you would like to build your marketing plan around. submitted-pending approval
  3. Read Chapter 3 for changing consumer and environmental trends that give rise to unmet or changing needs. You should also read Chapters 8 and 10 to get an idea how marketing research can be used to support the development of new products.
  4. Finally, a thread with Draft 1 of your Marketing Plan (MP) attached as a Word file. Your draft must contain the following sections:Fortune 500 Company is Owens and Minor
  5. Core Competencies and Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA): Information on these two topics may not be readily apparent (especially the source of the company’s SCA, but you should look for information on these topics as you work through the elements of the MP.
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