College of Alameda Endocrine Diabetes Case Study Assignment

Discussion # 2 Endocrine Case study

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For each question, there is five options. For each option, explain why it is a wrong or right answer.

A 25-year-old woman with type 1 diabetes comes to the emergency department complaining of thirst, frequent urination, and weakness. She feels “lightheaded” when she stands. Because of nausea and vomiting after a meal in a restaurant the previous day, she stopped eating and taking her insulin. On examination, she is dehydrated and hypotensive. Her breathing is rapid and deep.

1. Which of the following is likely to be lower than normal?

a. Urinary urea levels

b. Plasma levels of glucagon

c. Plasma levels of free fatty acids

d. Blood partial pressure of carbon dioxide

e. Plasma acetoacetate levels

2. Which of the following will increase after insulin administration?

a. Plasma triglyceride levels

b. Plasma K+ levels

c. Lipoprotein lipase activity

d. Adipose tissue lipase activity

e. Plasma phosphate levels

Your answers must be 400 – 500 word. Post that summary

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