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There are three methods of organizing project team. These three methods are functional management, projectized project management and hybrid project management. These project management models are vital in that they are very important elements needed to successfully complete a project. Among the three models, there are several similarities as well as several differences.

  The functional model is used when the organization is split into several units. Each department provides different incorporated components to ensure successful completion of the project. Individuals would then report and communicate directly with their department leaders. At this point, the information is then transmitted to the project leader. Time, productivity and efficiency are all the advantages associated with this project model.  

  The projectized model is completely different from the functional model. In the projectized model, the project manager has complete authority over the entire project. Each project member reports directly to the project manager. The duties of the project manager include controlling the overall task as well as having complete control over the budget and allocation of resources. Having the project manager as the only individual in charge of the project is the biggest advantage of this project model.

  The last model is the Hybrid model. This model is a combination of the projectized and functional models. The hybrid model is not typically used on projects. The resources associated with this model are shared which eliminates many duties that the project manager would typically control.

  The major differences among each model is the individual in control of the project. Responsibilities are also among the differences between each of the models. When determining which model to utilize there are a few things that must be taken into consideration. Among these things the most important factors to consider would be the company and the resources allocated for the project. Smaller companies may prefer to use the projectized model as a result of lack of resources. Larger companies may opt to use the functional model.  

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