Cost Accounting Project, accounting assignment help

In order to get started on the Cost Accounting Project, first select a type of business to use for your endeavor. Examples of appropriate business types are bakeries, retail stores, restaurants, factories, or even real estate firms. Any specific business type will work for this project, but be sure that the type of business you select will enable you to successfully apply each module’s project concepts.

For this first project piece:

  • Once you have selected a specific business type for your project, create a 1-page summary in Word of your chosen business.
    • In the summary, include how you plan to use financial, managerial, and cost accounting in its operations.
  • Write this summary as though you are the owner of the business.

I have chosen bakeries as the subject for this paper.

Please make the summary 1 page and make it in APA format.

Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.

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