Cover Letters for Jobs

this project is about writing two cover letters and answer a question for three different companies I’m applying to:

Job One: write one full one page Cover Letter for (The World Bank)

Position (Communication Officer)


Job Two: write one full one page Cover Letter for (KAICIID)

Position (Events Assistant)


The role of the Events Assistant is to provide administrative support and to organize events, conferences, workshops and meetings. The Events Assistant reports to the Chief, Events Management Section.


  • Manages, implements, coordinates and monitors different types of KAICIID Events;
  • Ensures delivery of all logistical support and services, in accordance with KAICIID policies and procedures;
  • Arranges travel and accommodation of participants by liaising with travel agencies, hotels and transportation companies;
  • Prepares, in liaison with the project owner, procurement requisition forms related to the meetings services;
  • Assists in invoicing process by following up with respective certifying officer, liaises with Budget and Finance Section as required and ensures appropriate filing of all documentation related to the Event kept by the Section;
  • Backs up and replaces the other Events Assistant during his/her absence, including updating of Calendar of Events, managing Voucher programme and taking minutes of meetings:
  • Performs any other duties as requested by the supervisor.


Job Three: Answer this two Questions below:

Q1: What’s a problem that you want solve in your lifetime? Why are you the best person to solve this problem?

Q2: Can you tell us of a business idea/product that you like/admire and why?


Info about me:

I’m a fresh graduate who has experience,

my Major: Communications. Public Relations & minor in Intercultural Communication

I was an international student studying in Washington DC for about 7 Years.

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