Criminal Justice Short Paper Police Hiring Process

Describe the hiring processes for joining the police department and the department of corrections, the process to become a probation officer, and the purpose of each step of the processes. The hiring process may differ depending on where you are located. Some departments require a degree and some a high school diploma, some hire at age 18, and some at 21. Some departments require their recruits to take a lie detector test before being hired. Explore what the police or corrections academy in your area requires. Some academies are overnight academies, while others are daily academies. The time spent at the different academies may vary. It is these differences between the hiring and training processes that will make your paper unique. 

Briefly discuss how each of these professions’ training rigor differs from the others. Describe the highest level of each of the following professions and a brief overview of their responsibilities: police officer, probation officer, and corrections officer. 

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