Critical reading response for “I want a wife” by Judy Brady

By answering all the following questions,  in 3 paragraphs. In MLA format, 12pt, double spaces.1st paragraph:Why do you think Brady wrote this essay? Was her purpose to explain a wife’s duties, to complain about her own situation, to poke fun at men, to attack men, or to provide a realistic and fair definition of a wife? Keep the time period in which this was written in mind.2nd paragraph:What does Brady seem to assume about her readers’ gender(male or female) and their attitudes toward women’s roles in society, relations between the sexes, and work inside and outside the home.3rd paragraph:Brady intended to provide a reaction from readers. What is your reaction to this essay: Do you think it is realistic or exaggerated, fair or unfair to men, relevant or  irrelevant to the present time? Why? Explain your reasoning?

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