CSUN Dogmatism Rationalism Relativism Ethical Thinking

Each week students will compose a 2-page essay and that will begin this week. This week’s essay will be the only one that will use the 5-paragraph format that you have used since middle school (Intro paragraph with thesis sentence at the end, second through fourth paragraphs elaborating on the thesis, and the fifth paragraph as the conclusion). The topic will be:”How do views of dogmatism, rationalism, and relativism affect ethical thinking?” Weston’s first chapter should be helpful in developing your essay. The essays will be graded as if you were in an English class (spelling, style, grammar, etc). It is just to let you know what I will be expecting. Be sure to proof-read you work before you submit your essay.

This assignment will also buy time to educate you on the pragmatic format that will be used after this first essay. We will go over this several times so don’t worry about this format yet. I am just letting you know where we are headed.

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