current business topic

this is what the professor said but i found the two artcle so now you only have to write the paper i will give you the artcles .

For this assignment, you will be selecting and reviewing at least 2 current articles (no more than 6 months old) on a timely businessissue (something that relates to US business – if it has to do with international business it must relate to the international aspects of a US based business).

You may use the sources on the syllabus to find the articles, or you can use a current newspaper and/or business magazine (Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Business Week, Time, Fortune,Fast Company, etc.) or articles on their websites. You can be creative in searching the web for materials, just make sure the information you find is from reliable sources (i.e. not someone’s blog or personal website).

While I would strongly prefer the articles both cover different aspects of the same topic so that they can be compared and contrasted, I will reluctantly accept two non-related articles.

Your choice of topic! Pick something interesting to you. Some examples include –

Using social media in marketing efforts

Using technology to track customer preferences

Trends in benefits or pay

Crowdfunding – a growingtrend for financing new businesses

Flexible benefits: telecommuting policies

How to build employee engagement

Rise of the socially conscious business

Managing a global supply chain

Communicating across cultures

The paper should contain a brief synopsis of the articles, but most of it should relate the articles to what you are learning in class and commentary on what you read. While there is an expectation of good business writing, grading will be based mainly on the content of your paper – your understanding, analysis and interpretation of the articles you select.

If you need any assistance with finding suitable topics or articles, you can let me know or reach out to Library Services.

The paper should be no less than 4 pages, double spaced, with 1 inch margin and using a normal 12 point font (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Univers, etc). Any “title” type information (your name, class, date, etc.) will not be counted as part of the 4 pages. In other words, don’t substitute lengthy titles, big margins or large fonts for actual paper content. It should contain a brief synopsis of the articles (about one page each)butmostly your commentary on what you read (see grading rubric).

Grading will be based on your understanding, analysis and interpretation of the articles you select as follows:

Followed paper guidelines for length, copies, source information, formatting and readability

15 pts

Synopsis of the articles (i.e., what did the articles say – briefly – about 1 page each, 2 pages total)

60 pts

(30 each)

Relate the articles to the material in your textbook and what you’ve learned in class. Did they agree/disagree with class materials and discussions? What did you learn from the articles that complimented the class material? Should be 1 full page

25 pts

Your thoughts and analysis of the articles (i.e. what did you think about the information, how did the articles relate to each other and the business world? Does it make sense?) Should be at least 1 full page

25 pts

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