Thread:For your initial post do the following:Offer your biblical integration approach. This approach can be one of the five views from Module 1: Week 1, the implicit or explicit integration approach offered by Tan, or another approach (e.g., Entwistle (2015), Integration of Spirituality and Counseling).Discuss which theological concepts you will integrate with your secular counseling theory. Offer at least 3 integration concepts. Dependent on your integration approach this may include – humans created in God’s image, concepts of body-soul, sin, fallen world, works of the Holy Spirit, etc.Now that you have identified your integration approach, offer 3 practical Christian counseling practices that you plan on using in the near future. Depending on your integration approach this may include prayer, dependence on Holy Spirit, Scripture, etc.). Offer how you will use these practices, e.g., with whom, when, how . . . .

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