Deliverable 6 – Create a Presentation on Healthcare Innovation Strategies, Technology Improvement, Quality, and Cost in the 21st-Century

You are requested to give a presentation on your organization’s changes for improvement, learning methods employed in the change process, and what innovations your organization used for the improvements.You are presented with the following details to complete your presentation.Explain the concepts of organizational learning in a healthcare setting. Cover at least three concepts with an example of each.Outline steps used to create innovation in a healthcare setting in the face of a recessive marketplace. Provide a minimum of three steps with examples.Discuss the overwhelming need for continuous change in a healthcare setting; provide examples.On a separate slide, provide references in APA format.Explain 2 concepts of organizational learning in a healthcare setting.Provided 2 examples.Outline 2 steps for innovations. Provided 2 examples of innovation in a healthcare organization setting.Discussed 2 overwhelming needs for continuous change in a healthcare setting. Provided 2 examples.

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