Discussion 4 Leader Learning Community

Here is an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership through contributing to our leadership community. Please answer your thoughts on ALL 4 of the following prompts. Points will be awarded based on effort, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness. If you give your best effort and construct a thoughtful response (like you would expect from a leader) then you will receive full points.

  1. VIDEO: What are 2 things you could take away from this week’s Leading Edge video: The Honest Truth about Dishonesty and how can you apply these take aways as a leader either at home, work, school, or community?
  2. TEXT BOOK: If you were the president of a company, what values would you promote? What values would guide you in dealing with people, products, prices, and profits>
  3. TEXT BOOK: A committed person with a good heart and a good idea can make a difference in the world. Based on your values, what could you do to improve the lives of others? How can you engage and serve society?
  4. COACHING: If you were coaching a person who was faced with an ethical dilemma (without telling them what is right and wrong) what advice and coaching would you give them to help them resolve their dilemma?
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