Discussion- brief 200 words each

Discussion 1

After completing the reading, describe what kinds of habits, skill sets, knowledge base and events are most likely to lead to high level of self-examination that seem to characterize the greatest of leaders in an organization. In contrast, what kinds of habits and events are likely to result in bullying or abusive leaders?

Provide an example of a leader who you think is a great leader based on the elements described in the text. Explain your reasoning with support from the text material.

Discussion 2

Discuss what constitutes harassment in the workplace. What can leaders do to create an atmosphere that does not reward harassment? Conversely, describe what leaders can do to empower and motivate employees. Do you think it is critical to communicate a sense of empowerment to all employees in every organization, or are there situations where this is not necessary? Explain your answers with support from the text.

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