Doctoral Dialogue 3

Module 3 Doctoral Dialogue


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to successfully develop and refine a research plan.


During our dialogue this module, you will collaborate with your peers as you refine your research plan.

Using what you have learned from the Discovery Phase of your project, develop a strategy for researching your approved project. Your methodology and strategy should include locating and reading scholarly articles (search the library databases), formal or informal interviews with key stakeholders, locating and researching professional associations or organizations (hint: check conference proceedings), and/or other non-scholarly but trustworthy sources (see Evaluating Sources (Links to an external site.)).

For the Dialogue

Research & Create

Research your project topic, locating at least 3 additional sources (beyond sources you have already used for this project).

Create a timeline for completing your project (a research plan). Your timeline could be created in a Word document by simply listing your steps in a numbered list or in PowerPoint.

Include a complete reference list. This list is to contain all resources you have located/used to date, including the additional ones you located for this assignment. Adhere to APA formatting (the one exception is the interview source). Highlight the additional resources you located for this assignment.

Compose & Post

Start a new topic on the discussion forum. Write an explanation of your research plan and embed (image) or attach (document) your timeline to your posting. Include your updated reference list.

Reflect, Respond & Expand

Take on the role of a member of an advisory group for your peers. Read at least 3 postings created by your peers. Consider how you can advise them to revise their research plan or expand their resources. Provide a fresh perspective, additional resources, and/or pose challenging questions such as the following (modify as needed):

  1. What could be another interpretation or perspective of the information you gathered in your interview?
  2. What are some assumptions you are making that may be hindering your thinking?
  3. Consider what the implications (beneficial or detrimental) of your classmate’s thinking or decisions are. What advice can you provide?


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