Doctoral Dialogue4: Innovation as Capacity and Capability

Doctoral Dialogue 4: Innovation as Capacity and Capability



This assignment is intended to help you learn to evaluate cultural structures that stimulate organizational innovation capabilities, providing recommendations.

Action Items

  1. Read the Discussion Guidelines and the required article in Module 4 Preparation.
  2. By the due date indicated, create your initial post on the following prompt:
    • Rampa & Agogue (2021) indicate that organizational resilience is dependent on leaders stimulating cultural innovation capabilities. However, questions exist concerning organizational devices that can be used to stimulate the emergence of these capabilities within organizational culture. It is hypothesized that one device that could be used to stimulate organizational innovation capabilities is “training for innovation and creativity.” After evaluating the study’s findings, provide a critical analysis and recommendations in the form of an executive summary document to present your critical analysis and recommendations to a current or previous employer’s leadership team. Focus on developing or reinforcing institutional capacities through advancing a culture of innovation.
    • NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to conduct external research associated with your posts.
  3. By Sunday, review peers’ posts and provide substantive feedback. Choose two peers who do not yet have a reply or who have the least number of replies. Your peers will read and provide their insight and feedback on your post and challenge your thinking, including what you might have missed and suggestions for improvement. It is vital that your posts to peers provide a high degree of depth and breadth that expands on the theoretical concepts and their application.

Grading Criteria

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