Drafting a Process Evaluation

Since it wouldn’t let me post the question I attached to the files titled WK9 assignmentThe steps for process evaluation outlined by Bliss and Emshoff (2002) may seem very similar to those for conducting other types of evaluation that you have learned about in this course; in fact, it is the purpose and timing of a process evaluation that most distinguish it from other types of evaluation. A process evaluation is conducted during the implementation of the program to evaluate whether the program has been implemented as intended and how the delivery of a program can be improved. A process evaluation can also be useful in supporting an outcome evaluation by helping to determine the reason behind program outcomes.4-5 pgsA description of the key program elementsA description of the strategies that the program uses to produce changeA description of the needs of the target populationAn explanation of why a process evaluation is important for the programA plan for building relationships with the staff and managementBroad questions to be answered by the process evaluationSpecific questions to be answered by the process evaluationA plan for gathering and analyzing the information

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