E Commerce Security Problems

Q1- Research e-commerce security problems related to payment systems through the following:

Select one security problem you have reviewed and discuss its components.

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Here is the answers from others. and choose any 2 to give them feedback from A-C

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A. E-commerce brings a great deal of convenience but there is a trade-off, it also raises our susceptibility for fraud. With this increased threat organizations have put different safeguards in place to help protect their consumers identity and finances. Some of these safeguards include using the GPS function on mobile devices, and flagging a transaction if it is occurring from an unusual geographic location. For instance, if you reside in Delaware and most of your transactions occur within the area, a transaction that has occurred in Hong Kong will be flagged as a potential fraud. Other methods include two-point identity verification – once you log into an account you will also have to type in a number that was sent to your phone through text message. This type of use of mobile devices will help curb the number of false frauds reported – where the system flags a transaction as fraud when in reality it is a legitimate transaction. These false fraud reports can hurt a business because it can cause customers to not use the organization’s website.

Organizations are seeing a new challenge with digital merchandise. An example of digital merchandise would be a digital gift card. This type of merchandise leaves businesses unable to traditional fraud detection methods, such as ensuring the billing and shipping address are within a certain distance to each other. This is simply because there is no need for a shipping address with digital merchandise. Other methods are available for this scenario however, such as tracking IP addresses, sites referred from, amount of time it took to complete the transaction, etc.

Source: https://blog.riskified.com/global-ecommerce-and-fraud-trends-for-2016/

B. Some E-commerce security issues arise from things like theft, denial of service, and unauthorized access. Unauthorized access is a huge one these days. At the rapid pace technology is growing, hackers are more easily getting into computer systems. Unauthorized access can lead to messages getting messed with, some sensitive information being let out, or even fixing data to be untrue in the system. Unauthorized access can lead to a world of issues!

C. The credit card-based payment systems are the most widely used means of conducting online payments, and it is important to check to see if merchants store the transmitted data over secure channels encrypted. If the merchant stores the data unscrambled, hackers can easily gain accesses to customer information.

In addition, it is important to check the address bar and make sure it displays https or look for the closed padlock to see if a website is secure. A missing “s” or unlocked padlock indicates that it is unsecure.

Cheryl Price

Source: Niranjanamurthy M. DR. Dharmendra Chahar. The study of E-Commerce Security Issues and
Solutions. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering. Vol. 2, Issue 7, July 2013


  • What are some of the benefits of Storage Spaces?
  • Why might you want to virtualize your disk drives?
  • What is meant by resiliency with using Storage Spaces?

Take a look at the following resources about Storage Spaces:

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Here is the answers from others. and choose any 2 to give them feedback from A-C

4 full sentences is fine for each feedback

A. 1) It protects you from physical failure and allows you to add more memory over time rather easily. It allows makes a copy of everything so if there is a failure, you have a backup of everything.

2) Virtualizing your disk drives helps save you from memory loss due to physical failures within the drive. Keeping your memory in virtual form saves you money. There is less to go wrong keeping your disk drive in virtual form.

3) Resiliency protects your data from drive failure and makes the process of recovering it a lot easier.


  • Storage Spaces protect data from drive failures and extends storage by grouping drives together
  • People may want to virtualize their disk drives in order to have two copies of their data. By having two copies of their data if one drive fails there is another source of your data. This protects the user from permanent memory loss.
  • With Storage Spaces resiliency means the ability to recover drive fails and difficulties quickly and efficiently.

C. In reading the material provided, the benefits of storage spaces seem to revolve around ease of use when utilizing a number of drives, in that all storage is pooled together instead of reflected in different physical drives. This separation can help protect against drive failures as well by ingraining the necessary data across multiple hardware options. These options are open intended, including, but not limited to Hard Drives, Solid-State Drives, USB drives and so on.

The specific type of resiliency offered by Storage Spaces are mirror and parity. As we learned about with this week’s reading regarding RAID, parity is able to recover information from one disk, whereas mirrors operate to create exact copies across multiple disks, or “Storage spaces” Obviously this is very helpful when dealing with storage, as how your drive should operate is dependent on how valuable the data stored on it is.

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