ENG102 BCTC Causes of Juvenile Delinquency discussion

The first paper assignment will be a rhetorical analysis of a particular article that you find in a journal, newspaper, magazine or published on the ‘Net. I want you to read it thoroughly a few times so you understand what ideas the author is trying to convey. Then I want you to write a five page, double spaced paper wherein you tell me the thesis of the article, also known as the main idea the writer is trying to get across. I also want you to tell me what the author says are the reasons for the thesis he or she is trying to argue, and the evidence presented to prove his or her point, if any. I want a description and details on what rhetorical devices the author uses to make his or her point, and the method and language used to persuade the audience. Lastly, I want you to tell me if you think the author is convincing in his or her argumentation, and why you think so.

The article should be factual, and based on a real-life issue that affects people in some way; if you aren’t sure if the article is suitable, please send me a link to the article (if possible) or an actual copy of the article so I can check it out. Any article published in our textbook is also fine. Please make sure your paper is five pages, double spaced and that you use a twelve-point-font

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