ENG104 Monsanto Corp. Responsibility to Customers

In the discussion that follows, you will be assigned a corporation to investigate. Your investigation should focus on the following question and address one of the following areas.

Question: Does the business, agency practice/employ socially-responsible business practices?

Consider the following areas from which to select and narrow your topic.

  • Environmental responsibility 
  • Fair Business ethics in relationship to other businesses and vendors 
  • Responsibility to the community 
  • Responsibility to the customers 
  • Responsibility to employees and work environment 
  • Diversity and fair opportunity in hiring and promotion practices 
  • Responsibility to shareholders 
  • Adherence to Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

This research paper focuses on a narrowed topic investigating a specific question related to the assigned corporation. Therefore, although there may be potential linkage of two of this issues, you should attempt to focus your research towards one. In no way, should you attempt to approach several or all of the potential topics in one paper, or your research and support will result in a generalized research paper, lacking sufficient evidence to support it.

The paper needs to incorporate research from a minimum of 8 legitimate sources.

This assignment will require the following: a beginning bibliography of 8 sources typed on one page, using MLA Format for Bibliography/Works Cited (only one of these being the web site or printed brochure of the company), a discussion assignment, sentence outline, rough draft, and final draft with appropriate documentation submitted via Vericite (plagiarism checker)

Length: Approximately 2000 words

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