environmental assignment

For the case study , each student is to locate and elaborate aCURRENTcase study of environmental injustice or racism in NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, or PENNSYLVANIA.Your case study  should briefly detail the following:Problem overviewBackgroundDemographics of the areaKey actors (Links to an external site.)/institutions involvedVictims and costs of the eventResponses by government and local community groupsHow does this fit in to the environmental justice frameworkFor examples of case studies, please visit:http://www.umich.edu/~snre492/cases.html (Links to an external site.)For a starting point on areas with EJ issues, you might want to play around with the EPA mapping tool:https://ejscreen.epa.gov/mapper/ (Links to an external site.).must be a minimum of five (5) pages, double-spaced, not including your works cited page. The major points must be substantiated by references to articles in academic journals and/or professional books (not including introductory textbooks; and not including material assigned for this course). A minimum of five (5) sources are expected. Citations and references should follow the APA citation method.

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