environmental sustainability

Ques2on 1:From a strictly sustainability point of view, explain succinctly the concept of “interdependence” among: environment, society and economy. Use a real world example to show these principle.Ques2on 2:What is the rela2onship between Overfishing and the “Tragedy of the Commons”. Propose a solu2on for this dilemma.Ques2on 3:Explain in detail the concept of the “Triple Threat”.Ques2on 4:A par2cular country A in order to decrease its water insecurity level, decides to divert a significant part of the current of a river that crosses the territory of country B also. Country B retaliates by increasing the rates of goods exported from country A. Provide an example of: 1) An Economic Conflict, 2) A Social Conflict arising from this diploma2c crisis. Do you consider that the shared building of water infrastructure (distribu2on, treatment) would be a good star2ng point for the talks between these two countries? Why? Jus2fy your answer.

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