Ethnic Dishes Italian Food and Food Research Paper Essay

Choose any type of food you want (e.g. Indian food, Italian food, Jamaican food) and write out specific questions that you would like to answer from your experience in the field.

Research online or in the library for at least 3 sources that are related to your topic (NO WIKIPEDIA). These articles must either support or challenge your findings. You must cite these sources.

Organize your paper as follows:

a. Introduce your topic and what your research process was.

b. Report your own findings

c. Give an overview of the articles you chose (this is called a literature review).

d. Relate your own findings to your chosen article.

Your paper must be a 4 page essay outlining your research and supporting articles, the paper must be double-spaced, 12 point font, and must have a cover page and a works cited page (APA format)

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